rincon mountain


Cases of wine at our family-owned winery


Our family-owned winery is located on our 140-acre avocado ranch in Ventura County. It’s also where we live (and where our winemaker, Edward Darren grew up). The ranch is how we stay connected to our past while growing towards our future. The winery itself is sized to handle 3,000 cases annually, and every year we’re scaling up in anticipation of reaching this maximum production.

Our winery on top of Rincon Mountain is not open to the public. However, reservations for wine tours and private events at the winery are provided to our club members throughout the year. 


Our Wine Making Philosophy

Here at Rincon Mountain Winery, we’re passionate about our craft and pay close attention to the details. We respect winemaking’s traditional roots, but don’t shy away from new and innovative practices. As a family-owned winery, we have a small family team that’s completely devoted to the entire life cycle of our wines. Each harvest, we strive to create wines that express both the terroir of our vineyards and the variability of each vintage. This is done through diligent winemaking practices to maximize extraction and concentration of our grapes.
Five people drinking wine at our family-owned winery


Rincon Mountain
(Not open to the public)

tasting room

Open Thursday-Sunday, 12-7pm